Why should anyone be lead by you

Part 1

At this stage in my studies of business and leadership, the type of leader I would like to become one day would be a successful leader. Somebody who achieves his goals, with the right ways, at the least time possible with the minimum resources. I would like to be a visionary leader who recognises that the methods, steps and processes of leadership are all obtained with and through people. Most great and successful leaders have the aspects of vision in them. Along with vision, team leadership is a must for a successful leader. Group initiative includes the production of a distinctive photo of its future, where it is heading and what it will remain for. The vision motivates and gives a solid feeling of reason and course. Group administration is about working with the hearts and psyches of each one of those included. It additionally perceives that collaboration may not generally include confiding in agreeable connections. The most difficult part of this authority is regardless of whether it will succeed. As per Harvard Business Survey, group administration may come up short as a result of poor initiative qualities.


In the present situation, an impressive administration and business style can be found in Alibaba and its dynamic pioneer Jack Mama have mixed the best of Western and Chinese advancements, culture and administration to make the world’s biggest web based business organization and maybe destined to be greatest and most differentiated worldwide innovation undertaking. The organization’s Sept. 19 Initial public offering raised more than $20 billion and gave Alibaba a market top of $240 billion. It likewise made Jack Mama, as of now the wealthiest man in China, one of the wealthiest men on the planet with a total assets of more than $18 billion.

Jack Mama’s motivating initiative style has impacted the way I would need to run my organization, and he fills in as an amazing case for pioneers of growing new businesses and set up organizations alike. The four standards of Jack Mama:


  1. Be a true leader. Ma distributes jars of Senseless String, urges workers to do handstands in the workplace, and respects his staff’s real to life sentiments. He’s relatable and believable, and he has a solid feeling of character. This is pivotal for pioneers since it cultivates faithfulness and fabricates a solid establishment on which our organizations can develop. We don’t need to yield our comical inclination since we’re in control.
  2. See through clients’ eyes. Ma maintains an online business, however he credits his prosperity to not being “a tech fellow.” Rather, he sees items from his clients’ points of view, and that permits him to offer relatable, natural items.
  3. Develop a mission. Ma has a stupendous mission. He needs to resuscitate China’s feeling of reason and culture — things he accepts were lost under Mao Zedong’s run the show. He has censured defilement and given his workers liberal value shares so they advantage from Alibaba’s prosperity too.
  4. Hire rousers. Ma enlists energetic business visionaries rather than prepared specialists since he inclines toward devotion and development to somebody who looks great on paper. These are the general population we as a whole need in our organizations — the individuals who are characteristic pioneers, versatile, and committed to a shared objective.


Leadership skills I would like to develop.

  1. Have an unmistakable vision
  2. Know and use your qualities and endowments.
  3. Be enthusiastic
  4. Live as per your ethics and qualities.
  5. Serve as a good example
  6. Set conclusive objectives and take after solid activity arranges.
  7. Maintain an uplifting mentality.
  8. Improve relational abilities.
  9. Motivate others to significance.
  • Admit and gain from disappointments and shortcomings.

Although I possess few of these skills, I currently do not master at any of these. Also, there are few skills yet to acquire. I plan on developing these skills while doing my MBA in London.



11 thoughts on “Why should anyone be lead by you”

  1. Hey Dhiraj!
    I read your blog and to be very honest, your arguement on being a leader is completely phenomenal and i wish you become a great leader in all terms!
    Cheers mate!


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