The challenge of managing diverse teams

Diversity is said to be the mother of creativity.

When we talk about leadership, by default we can assume that in a organisation or a team there will people who belongs to different countries, cultures, religions, disability, race, economic status, values, beliefs and so on. There are many authors and researches who showed that diverse team shows a better result. The ability to bring together people from different backgrounds, disciplines, cultures, and generations and leverage all they have to offer, therefore, is a must-have for leaders” (Harvard Business Review, 2017)

Discussing assorted qualities in connection to an association, it fundamentally remains for contrasts among various workers in an association as far as race, instruction, foundation, identity, age, ethnic gathering, and so on. (Multi-social Preferred standpoint, 2017). There are different points of interest of working in various groups. Right off the bat, different groups bring various foundations which to be sure conveys one of a kind encounters and recognitions to an association. Associations can fortify groups’ efficiency and responsiveness to testing conditions by uniting the various learning and capacities of representatives from various parts of the world (, 2017). Associations can likewise consolidate differing abilities and encounters of specialists and go for more extensive administration run by offering administrations to clients everywhere throughout the world (Multi-social Preferred standpoint, 2017).

Furthermore, differences in groups acquires imagination an association and aides in critical thinking (Ability Tampere, 2017). Innovativeness originates from limitless workforce who have tremendous number of encounters in managing distinctive circumstances. The same is for critical thinking the same number of workers from various foundations can give proposals in beating different troubles (, 2017).

On the other side, it is extremely troublesome undertaking to deal with a differing group and there are a great deal of challenges confronted by the pioneers, for example, correspondence issues, absence of the right to speak freely, higher cost of preparing et cetera. In the event that the group pioneer is not ready to deal with the group, it causes a negative effect on the whole association and on the individuals from the group, likewise it makes a potential deterrent in the association. This influences the development of the association and backs off the basic leadership which can prompt a fragmented or a wrong outcome. Uniting individuals from various societies, is an unquestionable requirement have capacity of a decent pioneer (Ibarra and Hansen 2011:71). To be an effective pioneer, to confront the difficulties of dealing with an assorted group and to disregard the battles, the pioneer must have a fundamental comprehension of the way of life of the distinctive individuals in the association.


How to successfully manage a diverse team?

If a manager wants to obtain a high performance and efficient diverse teams, he or she will use the professional and reasonable knowledge to manage teams. Few steps to achieve this are:

  1. Show fairness – Good manages should treat their employees equally and fair to reinforce the sense of belongings of each staff without any discrimination and prejudice in the workplace.
  2. Give constructive feedback frequently – Agood manager should enhance the feedback to make the employees know what they have done well and what aspects should improve to obtain a high performance in the future working.
  3. Communicate regularly to unify the team – A good manager should build a harmonious work environment to enhance the familiarity for every employee. A good manager should ensure everyone participating in decision making process and showing their own opinions as much as possible.
  4. Zero tolerance to discrimination – It is obvious that discrimination will hurt team member’s feeling and confidence. Therefore, a good manager should stop the behaviour which could be viewed as discriminative to someone else.
  5. Build trust and support of team – Trust is the basic factor for employees’ cooperation in a diverse team.
  6. Hold more professional diverse training – The purpose of diverse training is increasing participants’ culture awareness, knowledge and skills with some specific forms to make individuals respect each other and obtain more useful information about their positions.



Managing a diverse team effectively is a vital skill for leaders. Diversity contributes to spark creativity, expand horizons and reveal new ways to approach the company and world. However, a good leader should balance the benefits and risks when he or she managing diverse teams. An effective diversity management can address issues such as poor communication, conflict and create a stronger, cohesive team.








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